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A showcase of the Devon Buy’s collection of rocks and minerals from around the world.

Dear friends,

Just a little something to share, since I watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen some months ago, on 12th July 2009.


As a crystal user, I couldn’t help but notice the source of inspiration in the story line. Whenever the Great Pyramids of Egypt appear, you can be sure there’s a connection to the lost city of Atlantis, and their exploit of quartz crystals. It is believed, that the great pyramids were built by the Atlantean people who travelled east after the destruction of the civilization, and not by popular belief that they were built by the pharaohs to be used as tombs. In fact, if you were to notice in the movie, the tip of one of the pyramid was shown, without a capstone. It is also believed that the original capstone was one made of quartz crystal and had been removed or lost. More likely removed than lost. It seems the original intention of the pyramid was to serve as an astronomy observatory, given their uncanny alignment to the constellations. It is no coincidence that similar pyramids have been observed on the surface of Mars, and that Cairo also means Mars in another language. So were they really built by an advanced civilization which pre-dates the Egyptian civilization of 4,600 B.C.? Most probably. If they were really built by the original Transformers, then maybe as early as 17,000 B.C. OK, back to the crystals…

I take it that the Energon in the movie, which powered the machines, was taken to be representative of the quartz crystals. Even the tiny shard which activated robotic lifeform into common electrical appliances, illustrates the way and means by which crystals are used to transfer energy and manifest the Divine Will. Not surprisingly, shard is also a common term used in mineralogy to indicate a tiny piece of crystal, often broken off from a larger piece. Note the similar terminology used.

The story of the Energon being concealed by the good guys…well, to me that roughly describes the story of the good Atlanteans (known as Children of the Law of One) storing knowledge of wisdom and loving peaceful energy into quartz crystals, hidden away from corrupted Atlanteans (known collectively as the Sons of Belial, represented by Fallen and the Decepticons in the movie) engrossed with power who eventually abused this power (in the form of lasers amongst others) which led to the destruction of the civilization. The crystals were buried and concealed (much like in the movie) with the purpose to be unearth and used by civilizations of the future (i.e. for some years now) by the people who are ready at the right time (into the Age of Aquarius) to harness its energies. Much like how silicon dioxide (the main composition of quartz) chips are used in the manufacturing of thumbdrive components to store and record information, which can be retrieved at any time. Just to touch on this briefly, there are crystals found with triangular pyramidal silhouette embossed or etched on one or more surface sides, and these are generally known as Record Keepers (Windows to the Akashic Records).

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst with matrix at base

I have only one sample of such a crystal (pictured right) in my collection, one that was mined in the Goboboseb mountains of the Brandberg area, Erongo district of Namibia, Africa. This brandberg amethyst is so named as it is only found in this particular part of the world. The brandberg amethyst that I own, is one which is enhydro…meaning there is a chamber with prehistoric water encased within it, and this is visible due to a tiny bubble of trapped carbon dioxide gas moving about in it. It is possible that this water, trapped during the crystallization process in the cooling of magma, is as old as tens of millions of years.

The missing quartz crystal capstone was supposed be an important part of the pyramid which served as a generator, which in turn powered the flying vehicles of the Atlanteans. Much like how the shard powered the mundane objects and vehicles in the movie. Someone once quoted that these energies can be felt when one stands at the apex of the pyramid. Have not been there, can’t say for sure. I believe these flying vehicles are similar to the ones depicted in the ancient Hindu manuscript known as the Vedas manuscript. The quartz capstone supposedly amplifies and enhances this energy, focusing it for its intended purpose. Much like how the first ruby rod CRYSTAL was used to built the first solid-state laser by Dr Theodore Maiman in 1960. One such vehicle owned by Grandmaster Thoth is said to lay hidden in a chamber beneath the pyramid. Grandmaster Thoth is believed by some to be a former incarnation of Jesus Christ, but i won’t go into detail here as it is irrelevant and a long story in itself that is documented elsewhere.

So could this flying machine be represented by what was uncovered by Devastator in the movie? Even though in the movie, it wasn’t a flying machine and it certainly wasn’t buried underneath the pyramid. But it was something that harnessed the sun’s energy, and in the process, destroyed it. Quartz crystals have been said to also harness the energies of the sun’s ray (but doesn’t destroy it), breaking it into the seven colours of the rainbow, which is used in crystal healing practice and chakra activation (glass prisms don’t focus and amplify energy the same way quartz crystals do).

Did I just say seven colours?


I take it the seven colours are adapted from the Divine Will and the Seven Great Ones. Do a quick search online and you will find that the Seven Great Ones (also known as the Ray Lords) have been well-known throughout ancient history and civilizations. In Hindu, it is known as the Seven Praj Patis. In Zoroastrianism, they are called the Seven Amesha Spentas. In Ancient Egypt, they were known as the Seven Mystery Gods, which the Bible refers to as the Seven Spirits before the Throne of God. The Tibetans devoted 5 volumes on the effect and influence of these Seven Rays on all life and other existence. In the Transformer movie, I suspect this could be represented by the seven Primes, the last being Optimus Prime. (Note, however…that there were actually 13 Primes in the animated version)

In conclusion, my interpretation is this. A dedicated quartz crystal (Energon / Matrix of Leadership) activates and channels the last Ray Lord (the seventh Prime in the form of Optimus Prime) of the violet flame (the last of the seven colours of the spectrum) to bring mankind towards enlightenment and salvation (safe from destruction of the Decepticons).

The violet/lilac colours of amethyst quartz is said to assist one to reach higher levels of consciousness. Coincidentally, the red and blue of Optimus Prime mix to give the colour purple – indigo and violet for the sixth and seventh chakra respectively. Coincidence? The Energon is also known as the Energon Cube or the Energon Crystal. All the dots seem to connect.

You cannot imagine how much fun it is watching the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen while trying to connect all these dots along the way.

In fact, the same could be said in Star Wars. Again, won’t go into detail here. But Jedi Knights could be the Djedi (prefixed with a ‘D’) Knights of the Egyptian civilization – they were protectors who had mind over matter abilities much like the ones described by the Force. And I think the whitish giants in the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones could very well have been the Nephilims. My suspicion anyway.

Next thing to be aware of is the last day of the Mayan Calendar i.e. 21st December 2012. It is suppose to signify the end of days – which could be interpreted as the end of the world, the end of civilization, the end of an age, the end of a form of consciousness. While one side of the story speaks of total annihilation and destruction of the human race and the world (Judgment Day to some), the other speaks of the end of war and hatred towards one another, and that the new world order will be governed by the female species of mankind. I hope I got that right, if I remember correctly what I have read before. This is still only speculation. But a movie along those lines titled 2012 is due this November.

Treat yourselves well till then. And realize that a lot of the “modern” technologies we have today seem to have existed a long time ago as described in ancient texts. Either the people then had highly imaginative minds as they carved the events in manuscripts…or they were true accounts of historical observation well-recorded. Somewhere along the way, all of these went missing and we began again from scratch.

Devon Buy