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I’m not going to tell you what you can or cannot do, or what is right or wrong. When it comes to hacking and cracking, it’s best to adopt the politician’s mentality – there is no right and wrong, only winners and losers. So depending on your integrity (or the lack of it), you choose your own destiny and that of your mobile device. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

For those of you running the firmware 3.0.1 on the new 3G S and want to have more than the standard apps that come by default with the phone or downloadable free from the App Store, read on.

Before anything can take place, your iPhone must first be jailbroken. As with all jailbreaking process and methods, all procedures done to hack the iPhone will have its risks, so proceed with caution.

I will assume you have had your iPhone already jailbroken. If not, kindly refer to “Jailbreak At Your Own Peril!“. If your 3G S is as free as mine, let’s move on.

Previously, upon a successful jailbreak, there were a number of methods that would allow you to install cracked .ipa files into your iPhone. I think the most popular of these is one that would require you to install openSSH from Cydia, log into WinSCP on your PC, modify some permission settings for a number of device folders, and renaming the mobileinstallation file, all while being on a wifi connection. This method was tried and tested by many to be effective, and although quite simple to do, it was still considered complicated to users who are not familiar with SSH and setting folder permissions. People without accessible wifi would find this method less than perfect as well. I was about to use this method myself yesterday when I stumbled upon another method much simpler by comparison.

This new method can be found at iPhoneheat’s blog. It is rather straightforward in nature and requires that you only download an executable patch (downloadable from iPhoneheat’s blog) which when activated with your iPhone connected to your PC, would give you similar results like above and enable you to install cracked .ipa files directly to your device. The fantastic thing about this method is you do not need wifi to perform the patch or install .ipa files. It seems this method would work with iPhones running the 3.0 firmware, regardless of device model. At least it was reported that it even worked for a first generation iPhone, provided it had been updated to the 3.0 firmware. I have successfully performed this operation on my 3G S running on the 3.0.1 firmware, and can confirm that it works too. Some prerequisites are in order, as given on that blog:

  • iPhone must already be installed with OS 3.0 (or 3.0.1 in my case)
  • iPhone must already be jailbroken (this you must do for the iPhone to be a great servant!)
  • PC must be running on at least iTunes (iTunes in my case)
  • PC must be installed with .NET Framework 2.0 (most newer PCs would already have this by default, if not head on over to for a download first)
  • iPhone must be connected to iTunes at least once before

If you do not want any unwanted surprises, please do not ignore the last prerequisite. It is simple to do, and I would recommend that you install at least one free app from the App Store via iTunes for even measure.

To check for .NET framework in your PC, just perform a search in Windows XP for .net through Start > Search > All Files and Folders, OR type .net in the Search box in Windows Vista.

My reply post at iPhoneheat’s blog after the successful operation was as follows:

For those of you with the iPhone 3G S running on FW 3.0.1, this method is confirmed working. Upon the manual reboot right after patching, you will come across the apple logo as reported, but the logo may stay on longer than expected, giving you the impression that the phone has hung, crashed or **worse* have been bricked. Just be patient and let the phone ride along for awhile…you will be pleasantly surprised with the image of your wallpaper in about 5 minutes and under.

Just to be certain, what I did was left my phone connected to the PC throughout, even after the reboot. I don’t think there should be a difference connected and disconnected, but just to be sure, you could follow what i did.

I have already had free apps from the App Store installed before this, so it was just a simple case of clicking (or double-clicking) one of the .ipa files in my hard disk downloaded before. If your PC does not recognize the .ipa file, just select a program from the list, and make iTunes the default program to run future files with this extension.

I’m running on iTunes and it works! Excellent work there Rizwan, and all concerned. Bravo for a job well done!!!

May the Force be with you on this…


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