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In a previous post, I did mention that it was more natural to use finger motion to flick to page 5 on the springboard (screen pages on the iPhone) than to search for apps or folders using buttons and the D-pad joystick on other devices. What happens when you have double that number of pages and you want to launch an app which resides on page 8? Flick 8 pages from the Home Screen? Everytime? You have to be a hardworker or really enjoy flicking pages for a living to not mind doing that! For me, an app known as SpringJump is the surest way to go.

For those of you who needs this application badly, this will be one of the reasons you will need to Jailbreak, as the application is available for download only via Cydia at time of writing. At less than 90kb, the file is a small one that will make huge changes in the way you use your iPhone.


SpringJump allows one to place soft key buttons on any page of the springboard, buttons which when activated by touch will jump and bring you to the designated page indicated on the soft key button itself. There are a total of 9 buttons, ranging from Page 0 for the Home Screen, to Page 8 for the 9th screen at the end. To access the 10th screen and beyond, you would have to jump to Page 8 and flick to get to the pages at the end. This alone would have saved you 8 finger flicks out of a total of 9, if you were heading for Page 9 (10th screen). On top of that, the app also allows you to name each of the screen which then appears at the top of each corresponding screen. On the left is a snapshot of the home screen on my iPhone, where I have used only 4 of the 9 arrow buttons available. There is no point in cluttering my first home screen with arrow button nos. 1 and 2. You can see that now, the top of the first page is now labelled Home, as you will find Reference and Office on pages 3 and 8. The 16 icons on each page are vertically squeezed slightly together in order to allow room for this screen heading. You may also replace those dull grey arrow buttons with an icon of your choice. Very customizable.

There are other alternatives which provide similar functionality, such as Categories…but from reports circulating around, SpringJump is the most stable, and more stable than some of its competitors. If this is what you need or what you’ve been looking for, find and download it over at Cydia. It is simple to use on its own without having to refer to any manual.


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