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The 3G S has proven its mettle for being fast, zippy and speedy, true to its ‘S’ suffix moniker! A number of videos on YouTube showing comparisons between this and previous models of the iPhone demonstrates this rather clearly, especially with regards to application launch. In fact, this was one of the reasons I was sold to buying the 3G S. More than meets the eye what lurks beneath the hood of the iPhone 3G S, and beyond as I will explain shortly.

Apple prides itself as a hardware manufacturer first, software manufacturer next. Due to this scenario, I believe they are able to combine both aspects of hardware and software to work in harmony with one another. Something similar again would be Blackberry running on one of RIM’s devices. Something opposite in nature would be Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Edition running on HTC TyTN II. Somewhere in between would be Nokia’s Symbian running on Nokia and UIQ on Sony Ericsson. Try going on these platforms for a couple of months and you’d get the idea which performs best with greater efficiency.


One thing I wasn’t aware of before securing an iPhone was this thing called iTunes U. Perhaps it was lack of marketing, advertising and promotion on this aspect of iTunes; perhaps I had been living in a cave until the day the iPhone set me free. Either way, iTunes U would have been the deal clincher for me to get an iPhone or iPod in those days when I was deliberating in getting one. But truth be told, it was actually more fun getting the iPhone first, and discovering the existence of iTunes U along the way.

My guess is U stands for University, judging by the number of University-related topics in iTunes U. iTunes U allows users of iPhones and iPods to download over 200,000 lectures, language lessons, audiobooks and more onto their devices to be viewed whenever the situation calls for it. You could call this Education Programme on the Go! Of course, if you ran iTunes on your Mac or PC, you could enjoy the same privileges, but I bet it would certainly be more fun watching or listening to these educational programmes on a mobile device on the go, rather than on their more cumbersome siblings. A video lecture on your iPhone would serve as a great time filler during those boring waits at the bank, bus stop and customer service queues. Easier to watch it on the iPhone instead of a MacBook too, while you’re sitting on the WC.

For a guided tour on what iTunes U can do for you, head on over to Apple’s site on this.

Have fun!


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  1. Realised that this only works if you are able to open an iTunes account. For those of us in countries where this is not supported, the downloaded iTunes U can’t be viewed. Nevermind…

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