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Well, this post is a little late. Can’t blame myself, not especially when I’ve got something new to tinker with and about. It was a whole new experience for me, and I was certainly on unfamiliar territory. I’ll start where I left off…

On the same day of acquiring the 3G S on Monday, 28th September 2009, I headed to Mid Valley in the evening to purchase the much needed protection for the new toy. I already had an idea of what to get as I had visited the Machines retail outlet there almost everyday in the last 2 weeks.

Once I got there, it didn’t take me very long to choose what I wanted. I had eyed the Speck CandyShell case for quite some time now, having been totally sold by the idea that it was designed in such a way as to offer the protection of a hard case shell on the outside, and good adequate bump buffer safety of a rubber layer inside. As an engineer by profession, I appreciated that – good design and great functionality. As a violinist by profession, I thought the sweet artistic looks of the Speck case blended very well with 3G S’s sleek exterior casing. I settled with the lime green-and-grey model (pictured below) rather quickly, as I liked the way the green borders and highlights the front fascia of the iPhone. It is fluorescent enough without being too outstanding in-your-face bright sort of way. The grey may seem dull but it goes very well with the lime green and accentuates it at the same time. The only openings or holes on the case, other than the big one on the front that exposes the screen of the iPhone, are the ones that reveal the headphone jack on the top, the silent switch on the left side, and the docking/charging port at the bottom. The sleep/wake switch and volume rockers are covered with the rubbery material in lime green. Some may or may not like these controls covered, but the lime green does add some interesting highlights to the overall looks of the case.


I haven’t used any case with the iPhone before (obviously), and haven’t seen all that many before too, except for the ones owned by friends and colleagues. But I have used many types of cases on previous phones ranging from silicone to plastic and to leather, and I have to say, the Speck CandyShell for the iPhone is certainly the best I have used on a mobile device.

After having used the case for 3 days, I am very pleased with the way it slips in and out of the pocket with ease. Rubber and silicone cases will usually get caught with the trousers pocket lining, and it can get frustrating when you’re picking a call and rubber friction is working against you. The hard shell exterior of the Speck CandyShell makes keeping in and drawing out the 3G S a smooth affair. And even with the seemingly hard cold  concrete-like exterior, I am comfortable and confident knowing the soft rubber interior will keep the 3G S safe from harm and minor impact. True to their tagline, a best case scenario!

Sold at Machines Mid Valley for RM118, it does seem a little pricey but the premium feel and excellent build quality will soon convince you that it is worth the cash. That is, until you head over to the maxis store right across the alley and find the exact same case going for RM98, with more colour combination to choose from. At least, I know where I’ll be getting my next Speck case from.


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