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Sigh…the wait is ever so long. Even one week could seem like eternity, I kid you not!

I paid maxis TTDI a visit again today. It has been exactly one week since I placed my deposit. I have checked at one MEP outlet a few times over the last one week just to see what’s the stock like. Seems the 16GB model is higher in demand than the 32GB counterpart this time round. And stock had arrived on 16th September 2009, for those who placed orders between mid- and end-August. I checked the list. There were many people who have yet to collect their units. According to maxis, some claimed that they had wanted to wait until after the Hari Raya to collect, presumably once they have collected some money. They actually have that kind of control and restraint. One thing I’ve learnt here is instant gratification. With the iPhone 3G S, you ain’t gettin’ any!

I was in Mid Valley and Gardens later part of the day. Caught an old uncle sitting at My Toast toying around with his iPhone 3G S, sending an MMS. Told me he got his during the launch, just 2 weeks after he placed his deposit with maxis. Well, his son has one too. He mentioned that the iPhone was extremely easy to use, a suitable device for an old man like him. He showed me how Google Maps worked on his unit, giving the example of routing the current location to his home. I now know he stays about 17 minutes from Gardens.

I will be checking with maxis again in the next few days to see if anyone is cancelling their order. That is the only way I can get a unit from that order batch. And for now, that’s the closest thing to instant gratification.


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