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Why the French?

Because French swear words and gestures are poetry in motion, and my wife will be heading to Paris for a gig between the 4th and 7th of October 2009.

What is to keep me occupied in those days of solitude when my wife is on French soil making music for the benefit of the French people?

One possible thing – the iPhone 3G S! If it arrives by then, that is. The week on the 4th of October will be the 4th week since booking. Not quite 30 days, but over 3 weeks in waiting. I would say chances of it arriving is 50-50 or higher.

I am now at the end of the 2nd week of waiting, tomorrow is the start of the 3rd week. As expected, some of the enthusiasm is beginning to fade. I don’t even check around for a spare in stock anymore, as the usual same answers can be very demoralising and discouraging after awhile. Best not to prod. Like an ancient chinese saying, “if you poke and dig faeces, you’re gonna get faeces aroma and smell”. Not quite the situation to be used here, but it seems applicable.

Meanwhile, I thought I would do something more productive, instead of just waiting, checking and hoping. In the last one week, I’ve been tidying my music files in iTunes – removing albums with only one or two songs, reorganizing tracks and albums, and…using better higher resolution cover flow artwork in anticipation of the coming 3G S. You see, my previous iPod was the fourth generation one called iPod 4G Photo. The album artwork used in this device was of low resolution, given the small colour screen. The same artwork used on the iPhone 3G S would look blurry, so a higher resolution replacement was in order. I have been doing this daily for the last three days, and I have only managed to replaced about 20% of all artwork in my iTunes. Having to reinstall, crop, resize and readjust the contrast of the new downloaded artwork is a painstaking task!

I bet that by the time I’m done with this, the iPhone 3G S would just about arrive. It would be nice to know that with one sync, all these would be in proper order, without having to spend some 2 weeks getting them straightened out!

A further 2-week wait sounds predestined.


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